About Us

We are users of legal services in our personal lives and in running businesses and we know first hand just how much law firms can vary, and how much the service they provide can differ.

As individuals we are also solicitors and have worked for all sorts of clients in private practice, and also within business. We have also engaged barristers.

As a result we know how costs and experience can vary greatly with legal service providers. Different resources can be used cost effectively for different legal needs.

We built this website to help individuals and businesses navigate what can seem a complex mix of legal service providers. Our foremost aim is to find the right advice for the right price.

Most lawyers will offer services on an hourly rate basis, with an estimate of the length of time it may take, however, any over-run is at your cost, per hour. In our experience most people who are paying for legal advice prefer fixed fees. We work with a panel of progressive law firms and legal service providers that will offer services on a fixed fee basis.

We offer a telephone advice line service which, if you subscribe, offers you advice on any legal matter. Armed with the information we provide, this may be enough for you to handle the matter yourself without even needing a lawyer.

If not, or if you just need to use a lawyer then we can help you find a handful of law firms or legal service providers that can meet your needs. You can choose which one provides you with the right advice at the right price.

How it works

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