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Like certain things in life, going to court, suing someone or entering into litigation is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but advisedly and soberly, and in fear of the decisions of the courts.

History is littered with examples of unexpected outcomes (good or bad depending on your viewpoint), people pursuing points of principle, and consequent escalating costs and poor decision making.

Then again, sometimes to get a commercial result you don’t need a winning argument, you just need an argument.

Regardless of where you stand, whether you are considering taking action or are on the receiving end, top quality legal advice from experts who have seen it all is essential. Fixed fee quotes from litigation solicitors is notoriously difficult, but the FixLegal panel will quote on a fixed fee basis or if this is not possible on a basis which will ensure that you know how much you are in for at each stage, and what the overall picture might look like. 

Because each panel member knows there are others quoting, you will get the best price available.

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