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Fixed fee package customers come to you based on services you offer. They approach you directly, knowing what you offer how you work and what you charge - All information controlled by you

This is much more than advertising, this is match-making.

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Working with your particular expertise

Fixlegal automates selected new business enquiries with you in full control.

You outline the service, a price based on prescribed circumstances and receive direct enquiries from the customer to go ahead or learn more. Great for helping your business grow.

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Fixed Fee Packages

Quicker and clearer

Traditional enquiries can involve frequent exchanges with the customer. Fixed fee packages take the information you would normally present at the end, and place it up front, to reduce the ebb and flow.

Increased quote conversion

Answer customer key questions in advance. What it costs, what it involves, and what is/is not covered. Informing customers in advance means higher conversion rates for enquiries.

Cost effective

Quality enquiries quickly cover the costs of working with Fixlegal. Free to register for bespoke quotes. Fixed fee package prices from £399 per area of law.

How it works

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