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Like certain things in life, going to court, suing someone or entering into litigation is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but advisedly and soberly, and in fear of the decisions of the courts.

History is littered with examples of unexpected outcomes (good or bad depending on your viewpoint), people pursuing points of principle, and consequent escalating costs and poor decision making.

Then again, sometimes to get a commercial result you don’t need a winning argument, you just need an argument.

Reality check

Despite what is portrayed on television, litigation tends to be a slow and laborious process, which is stressful, costly, time-consuming, and enormously distracting from the main pressures of running life.

We understand that sometimes litigation is necessary to protect legitimate interests, but there are plenty of examples where action has been taken or defended without considering the bigger picture.

To settle at the doors of the court having spent more in legal fees than the value of the original dispute is unlikely to be regarded as a success. Having the right litigation solicitor that understands this and guides you through the quickest, least painful path is worth their weight in gold.

Different horses for different courses

There are many types of adviser and they can and do specialise in all areas of the law. Defamation solicitors and slander lawyers advise on allegations of written or spoken untruths, but the number of times that they actually pursue claims is low for good reason – it is difficult to make a successful claim which is affordable. At the other end of the spectrum we have debt claims which are frequent because they can be more easily put into a controlled process, and therefore the cost/benefit balance is easier to justify. In between we have professional negligence lawyers who measure up the cost/benefit balance based on a number of factors. We can help find you what you need.

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